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Betting Stats and History

More details about betting stats or you can return and see the available betting tips.


Betting Stats and History description

  1. The Betting stats page offers you a detailed history and statistics of our recommended bets on the Betting tips page.

    The results validation is being automatically done for most events, but there are also events that for some reason must be manually validated. For that reason, the Selection column will show you the total number of events and the Validated column will tell you how many are validated.

    We'll do our best to constantly validate the results in order to obtain accurate statistics.

  2. Stake represents the total amount of the invested money in Betting tips

    Return represents the total winnings amount for all bets listed in your filters.

    Profit represents obviously, the profit for all bets listed in your filters.

    Above the statistics table you will find a menu where you will be able to set a certain time interval or an odds range in order to obtain statistics, strictly for those specific selections.

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