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Odds Math Terms & Conditions

The Terms & Conditions (henceforth referred to as the "T&C") comprise and govern over the association made between the "provider" and "visitors" (henceforth jointly referred to as "parties") who make use of oddsmath.com (hereafter referred to as the "website"), its contents and features in any manner.


General Conditions


Employing all or any of the services and features offered by the "provider" on the "website" and the links, materials, and information included within, are subjected to the T&C as mentioned below. Unless otherwise agreed by the "provider" in writing, the T&C represent the complete association made between the "provider" and "visitors", who make use of the "website", all or any of the services and features offered by the "website".


It is the duty of the "visitors" to carefully read and comprehend with the website"s  T&C before making use of all or any of the services and features offered by the "website". It is automatically understood that the "visitor" who views the website has read, agreed to be bound by, and understood the T&C, with no need for any additional act.


The "provider" solely reserves the right to add, alter, supplement, and suspend these T&C occasionally, as it may deem suitable. The current version of the T&C is the one that is posted (as seen) on the "website". The "provider" recommends the "visitors" who visit the "website" to regularly read the T&C.


The "website" at all times must be used only for legitimate reasons. Any material of the "website" used for distribution, transmission, storage, or publication is considered as a violation of the "website" and its usage and will be subjected to the appropriate regulation and law as applicable in this case. This incorporates (without any restriction) the usage of the "website", or the distribution, transmission, storage, or publication of any contents via or on the "website" in a manner, which violates any intellectual property rights, copyrights, trademarks, etc, is unsafe or obscene for minors, or represents harassment or an illegitimate act, is libelous, derogatory, and infringes any data protection laws or privacy, breaches or falsifies gambling law or any exchange control.


In the occurrence of any abuse and/or misuse of the "website", the "provider" holds the right to close any account registered with the "visitor/s" name and/or block the "visitor/s" from further usage of the "website". The "provider" (at its sole discretion) maintains the right to file a complaint against the "visitor/s" and his/her/their action/s.


Temporary Interruption of Data Service


Third-Party Data Integration

"website" utilizes third-party data sources to provide certain features and services within our platform.

We rely on the availability and accuracy of this third-party data to deliver the best possible user experience.


Unforeseen Interruptions

Due to circumstances beyond our control, such as technical issues, maintenance, or updates by third-party data providers, there may be temporary interruptions in the availability or accuracy of the data used by our services.

These interruptions are unpredictable and can occur without prior notice.


Acceptance of Service Interruptions

By using our digital services, you acknowledge and accept that temporary interruptions in data service may occur.

"website" is not liable for any loss, inconvenience, or damage resulting from such interruptions.


Efforts to Minimize Disruptions

"website" will make reasonable efforts to minimize disruptions caused by third-party data interruptions.

We may implement alternative measures or solutions to mitigate the impact on our services during such interruptions.


In the event that temporary interruptions in certain data services persist for more than 48 consecutive hours due to reasons beyond our control, "website" may, at its discretion, extend the subscriptions of affected users.

Prolonged interruptions may include but are not limited to technical issues, maintenance, or updates by third-party data providers.


Subscription Extension Criteria

The decision to extend subscriptions will be made based on the severity and impact of the prolonged data service interruptions.

The duration of the subscription extension will be determined by "website" based on the nature and duration of the prolonged data service interruptions.

The extension will be applied automatically, and affected users will receive the additional service period without any action required on their part.




Payment for digital services is required before access is granted. All payments are processed through our payments processors (You can see them privacy policy page on PAYMENTS paragraph). "website" does not store any payment information.


Refund Policy


"website" offers a 3-day refund policy for one month subscription and 7-day for 6 and 12 months subscriptions. Requests for refunds must be submitted within this period. Refund requests may be subject to review and approval.


By using our services and requesting a refund, you acknowledge and agree to the deduction of any applicable refund processing fees imposed by the payment processor. You further acknowledge that "website" has no control over these fees.


Inactive Accounts


If a "visitor/s" fails to access the account created on the "website" for a period of 60 days, then the "provider" reserves the right to close the account immediately with no further notice.


Third-party websites


The "visitor/s" accepts that any contract made between him/them and the third parties after viewing the "website", whether intentional or unintentional, and any effect that arises is completely autonomous of the "provider" and the "provider" is not in any way accountable for any contract or anticipation and other outcomes that arises as a indirect or direct grounds of this contract.
Please note that no visitor/s information or any other personal data relating to the "visitor/s" is/are accessible by such third-parties or third-party websites. Any dispute or claim that arises between such a third party website/s and the "visitor/s" shall in no way engage the "website" or the "provider".

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